Accelerating Agile Development through Software Reuse


All kinds of projects stand to benefit from this enhanced opportunity for reuse, but agile projects may benefit the most, as they specialize in development at the level of fine grained components. They also  offer the same basic value proposition as software reuse: accelerated development. Additionally, they emphasize the description of what components should do (i.e., tests) before the description of how they should do it (i.e., implementation) and a ready-made opportunity to search for potential reusable components before they are implemented from scratch. In short, there is a high potential synergy between agile development and software reuse; this can further accelerate the software development process and, ultimately, lower costs.

In this paper we introduce a software tool developed by the Software Engineering Group at the University of Mannheim that aims to promote this synergy. Code Conjurer [2] is an Eclipse plugin that is driven by the Merobase component search engine. The tool is released as open source under the GNU/GPL license.

Proactive Reuse Recommendation
The basic service, offered by Code Conjurer, is used to search for reusable components (e.g., Java classes) based on a description of an interface or API (i.e., set of operations). This description can take various forms, such as a Java code module (e.g., interface or class) or even a UML class. Suppose, for example, that a developer has decided that he wants a matrix

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