Accelerating Agile Development through Software Reuse


This proactive recommendation capability can be valuable in many kinds of development projects, including traditional heavyweight projects. It does not, however, exploit all of the opportunities that exist to accelerate software development. In particular, it does not exploit the fact that discovered software components are potentially executable and that test-cases are often written before the implementation code, especially in agile projects. Code Conjurer offers another more advanced search facility, known as test-driven search that leverages these two facts to significantly boost the value of search results. As soon as an executable test has been defined by the developer, Code Conjurer sends this to the Merobase server to find matching components that pass the test. Merobase does this by:

·         Working out what interface the test is written against

·         Performing a normal search on this interface

·         Testing the results to filter out those that match

The resulting set of component recommendations is of much higher value than that generated by regular interface-based matching alone because the components do what the developer has specified; that is, they pass his test.

A developer can decide to write the whole test before initiating a test driven search (as shown in Figure 2) or configure Code Conjurer to search for components within the test/implementation cycle advocated in Extreme Programming [3]. In both cases, Code Conjurer indicates how the search is proceeding (bottom left corner and, optionally, in the other two windows at the bottom). Whenever a candidate component passes the given test, it is highlighted in green using the familiar JUnit convention. If the test is complete, a component that has passed the tests (indicated in green) is fit for purpose and can be inserted directly into the project. If not, the developer can complete the test using the candidate component's interface to check if it behaves as required.

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