Agile 2008 - Arlo Belshee - Naked Planning, Promiscuous Pairing and other Unmentionables

Bob speaks with Arlo Belshee about Naked Planning at the Agile 2008 conference.

What can I say about this secular messianic figure that is constantly challenging and stretching agile methods to suit his will. Must be the portland air. We talked about Naked Planning for quite a while. He has essentially taken many of the techniques from Lean Software Development and warped them to suit his particular organization. He has a penchant for experimenting with his team and with his mind and he shares the results of those experiments in this interview. Enjoy -bob payne

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Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne

With twenty-five years of project management, software development, engineering, and business experience, Bob Payne is the VP of coaching services at LitheSpeed, LLC and a leading proponent of agile methodologies and agile engineering practices. As host of the AgileToolkit podcast, Bob has produced more than 120 podcasts, recording a variety of industry leaders and agile practitioners

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