Agile and Scrum Methodologies from a Testing/QA Perspective

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If you enjoy being involved in product decision making, helping to shape how a product looks and works, and working in a collaborative environment that encourages team work and peer to peer relationships with your development counterparts, you will enjoy working on an agile project. On the down side, agile software development can be a little bit intimating at the beginning. Agile is all about embracing and rapidly adapting to changes–which might be hard to accept at the beginning–plus there are new processes, and new communication styles in place, so you might feel a little reluctant about it. However, once you get into the dynamics of agile software development, it can be a very fun and empowering experience!

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Marina Gil-Santamaria's picture Marina Gil-Santamaria

Marina Gil-Santamaria is the Web community manager for Empirix's Web BU, where she manages and evangelizes all services and tools associated with QAZone, Empirix's new online community dedicated to fostering communication and collaboration among QA & IT professionals. During the last ten years Marina has held positions in product management, development, QA, and services organizations at CA, Wily, and Empirix. Marina holds an MS in electrical engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain.

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