Agile Coaching in British Telecom


became effective in their new roles.

Based on this success, quot;Agile Boot Campsquot; have been used as a means of scaling up this approach. This is a new initiative and time will tell whether this approach proves to be equally successful. Initial feedback from BT coaches has been very positive. 


About the Authors
Linsley Meadows, Agile Methods Team Leader, BT Linsley Meadows currently manages the team overseeing the introduction of agile methods into BT. He has previously been involved in project management consultancy inside and outside BT on several major transformation projects.

Sean Hanly, CTO Exoftware.
As head of Exoftware' Agile Services, Sean has trained hundreds of developers and managers in software development practices, and has advised many global, Agile-minded companies in their transitions to an Agile Organization. A disciplined technologist, Sean is a prolific speaker and writer on Agile topics. He brings diverse views on companies, software development and Agility into his talks through his experience working with Exoftware clients. Through his vision, Exoftware is a centre for excellence in Europe on Agility. Sean has been instrumental in the development of the Irish and UK Agile Seminars, and the Agile Alliance Europe Group. He worked with the DSDM Consortium on bringing XP and Agile together, and is spearheading writing an open source automated acceptance testing framework for the software community.

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