The Agile Pyramid: Aligning the Corporate Strategy With Agility


and make the model incomplete.
With the wide-spread adoption of agile methodologies in larger organizations, portfolio management processes need to be revisited to reflect agile principles, including metrics, assessment, forward management and project selection.

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Jochen (Joe) Krebs ( is a active member in the agile alliance and the agile project leadership network where he spearheads the local chapter in NYC . As a certified Scum master and co-author of the Rational Unified Process - Reference and Certification Guide ( ISBN 0131562924), he publishes articles with a focus on project management and requirements engineering. He hold his MSc in Computing for Commerce and Industry at the Open University.

[i] Some might argue that agile software engineering is also natural.

[ii] See The Lean-Agile PMO: Using Lean Thinking to Accelerate Agile Project Delivery, Sanjiv Augustine and Roland Cuellar, Cutter Consortium Executive Report, 

[iii] For more on collaboration, see High Performance Agile Teams: An Overview of Collaboration

[iv] See Krebs, Jochen "Managing an Agile Portfolio", Agile Development Magazine, April 2007.

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