Agile Software Development – Past, Present, Future


in today’s reality, I recommend the following as a manifesto for the marriage of agile and lean product (system-software) development:

    • Avoiding the high cost of discovering defects late in the development cycle by discovering defects early in the development cycle which is accomplished by eliminating waste, increasing feedback loops and developing code from the point of view of provability and outside-in design
    • Cross-functional, collaborative and adaptive teams developing and delivering value-added product (system-software) increments in a continuous flow from requirements to deployment
    • Emphasis is placed on the need for teams to nurture group cohesion, and paying attention to norms that serve as a guide that strengthens positive practices
    • Minimizing frustration levels and making the art and science of system-software development enjoyable and not a burden or death march
    • Delivery of commercial or operational value early and often, giving ourselves the best opportunity to beat the competition to market, realize revenue and discover insights that we can use to help us improve
    • The what, why, and how of agile/lean product (system-software) development and delivery is not one persons vision alone; to become reality it needs to be a "shared" vision through negotiation and compromise between individuals, the team and the organization


[1] Used by permission from Fourth Medium Consulting -

About the Author
Russell Pannone is the Founder of We Be Agile and the Agile Lean Phoenix User Group, as well as the Agile-Lean Adoption Lead. With almost 30 years of system-software development and delivery experience, my focus is on working side-by-side with folks on real projects helping them deliver valuable system-software to production early and often, giving those I collaborate with the best opportunity to beat the competition to market, realize revenue and discover insights that we can use to help us improve.

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