Agile Survey Results: Widespread Adoption, Emphasis on Productivity and Quality


Agile Journal's analysis of the 2006 survey results predicted that the concerns for future adoption would "focus on offshore Agile projects, large team (and sub-team) management, and fit with corporate governance programs." Unfortunately, these area were not stressed in the 2007 survey questions and so it's not possible to track these trends. The Agile Journal community, however, has certainly emphasized these issues and shared many best practices for teams to adopt. Stay tuned for more on enterprise adoption.

The topic of metrics for Agile projects must be explored in greater detail. Teams must determine which metrics are most important to communicate their projects' success. This will vary by organization, depending on legacy practices and governance requirements.

Overall, these results are exciting. As the industry matures and successes are quantified, Agile adopters will have little trouble selling the benefits to their organizations. We have clearly crossed the Agile chasm.

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Liz Barnett is the Editor in Chief of the Agile Journal and Principal Analyst at EZ Insight Inc. Previously Liz spent 10 years as a Vice President and Research Analyst at Forrester Research, joining Forrester as a result of its acquisition of Giga Information Group. Liz held management positions at Accenture, PepsiCo, and Atelier Research. She also was the Research Director for the advanced software development and advanced network computing research services at New Science Associates, prior to its acquisition by Gartner Group. Liz holds a patent for developing a distributed application development/CASE tool. Liz earned her B.S. in operations research and industrial engineering at Cornell University.

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