Anti-Patterns of a Private Workspace


Anti-Pattern Name: Cool to be Continuous


·         How often should I populate my private workspace with the latest changes?


·         Project development methodology (waterfall, incremental, iterative) is not identified or understood

·         No direction or guidance provided on the rate of change to a workspace.

·         Do not really understand the meaning and full implications of continuous integration and how to best apply it.


·         Riding the latest trend (e.g., continuous integration wagon) is “cool”.

·         Need something to blame for slow progress in programming.

(Poor) solution

·         Constantly update the private workspace with latest code baseline irrespective of readiness to accept changes.


·         Can never (or hardly ever) complete a change request or fix a problem in the code since the baseline of code surrounding the change continuously is updated. Progress is very slow.

Better solution

·         Ask for a clear understanding of the project development methodology (waterfall, incremental, iterative) and a general expectation of the frequency of updating the private workspace with the latest baseline.

·         Update the private workspace after reaching a milestone of change (fixed the defect, completed one change request, etc.) that aligns with the change frequency expected and the development methodology used. 

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