APLN06 - Panel Discussion - Real leaders talk about large Agile Implementations

This podcast offers the exciting opportunity to hear a discussion among a distinguished panel from the APLN Leadership Summit. Steven Ambrose, Israel Gat, Peter George, and Bud Phillips all contribute to this lively discussion about agile implementation.

This panel discussion from the APLN Leadership Summit brings the voice of large company executives speaking about their implementation of Agile.  You may want to make sure your executives listen to this podcast.  These people never thought Agile can’t scale.

Steven Ambrose – Director DTE Energy

Israel Gat – IBM, Digital, Microsoft, EMC, BMC

Peter George – Senior VP Engineering, CTO Kronos

Bud Phillips – VP of Decisioning Services – CapOne

Listen and enjoy.

-Bob Payne

About the author

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne

With twenty-five years of project management, software development, engineering, and business experience, Bob Payne is the VP of coaching services at LitheSpeed, LLC and a leading proponent of agile methodologies and agile engineering practices. As host of the AgileToolkit podcast, Bob has produced more than 120 podcasts, recording a variety of industry leaders and agile practitioners

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