Assessing CM in the Development Process


A. CM Plan

1.       Are CM roles and responsibilities documented and communicated?

2.       Are CM procedures placed in a common repository, communicated to developers, and easily viewed/retrieved?

3.       Do CM tasks live in the project plan?

B. CM Process

1.       Is there a change control process defined for managing changes to the following baselines: (a) requirements, (b) project plan, and (c) production?

2.       Is there a development/CM process currently defined and followed?

3.       Is there a checkout/checkin procedure defined and followed?

4.       Is there a branching/merging procedure defined and followed?

5.       Is there a build procedure defined and followed?

6.       Is there a release procedure defined and followed?

C. CM and other Tools

1.       Does the project currently use a CM Tool for managing: (a) code, (b) 3rd party tools needed for build time, (c) documents, and (d) test cases

2.       Are there any integrations between CM tool and Development tool(s)

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