Building an Effective Test Team for Distributed Agile

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working in distributed agile we may need to document some of the important changes. Use wiki for maintaining these kinds of knowledge bits.

To build an effective testing team for Distributed agile we need to focus on individuals and interactions over processes and tools. We need to ensure that the latest code is available for testing in the all the internationally distributed locations. Feedback based on working software helps to build confidence in the feature teams.

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Baiju Joseph is a senior quality assurance manager with Ariba Technologies, leading provider of Spend Management solutions. He has more than fourteen years of IT experience. Baiju has delivered talks on agile testing at test conferences and industry forums, and his articles on agile testing have been published in leading IT magazines. Prior to Ariba, Baiju has experience working with Novell Software System test team and the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. He holds a B. Tech. in electronics and communication engineering and an M.S. in software systems from BITS, Pilani.

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