The Business Value of Quality and Testing


Business transformation is a journey, not a data point. Quality cannot be an emphasis or a program, it must be a non-negotiable. Every time someone makes a decision to ship a product owing to market pressures, or individual client pressures, or worse, internal schedule pressures, behaviors are reinforced that minimize revenue. Many of the suggestions made in this paper are atypical emphases for projects and teams focused on quality.

About the author

Adam Tate's picture Adam Tate

Adam Tate is a Quality manager at IBM/Tivoli, a company that provides industry-leading solutions for Business Impact Management. He has been a professional in the IT industry for over five years and belongs to the Performance and Availability Quality team. His experiences as an engineer and as a manager gives him a well-rounded view of organizational issues as they relate to Quality. His experiences in both start-up and enterprise companies provides him a unique perspective of today's technology business environment. His commitment to customers has won him awards for his successful involvement in hundreds of customer situations.

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