The Butterfly Model for Test Development

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There is a dichotomy between the development and testing of software, signified by the abundance of software development models and the dearth of test development models. Software testing's ephemeral nature aggravates the issue, as does the software developer's view of testing - represented only by a deadline, not a process.

This paper presents a new model for software test development. The butterfly model is then correlated with the ubiquitous V development model to establish context.

About the author

Steve Morton's picture Steve Morton

Steve Morton is an automated test tool developer by trade, operating in an arena of low volume and high expectations for the past eight-plus years. He has primarily worked on an automated, low-level structural analysis and test definition tool tailored for safety and mission-critical software development markets such as the aerospace and medical devices industries. His ongoing efforts to bridge his developer’s viewpoint into the viewpoint of a tool’s customers has led him to acutely examine the nature of the relationship between developers and users of automated software testing tools. In addition, Steve has used both commercial and homegrown testing tools throughout his career, enabling him to stand on both sides of the automated software test tool fence.

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