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Time is in short supply. If you want to convince the programmer to spend her time fixing your bug, you may have to sell her on it. (Your bug? How can it be your bug? The programmer made it, not you, right? It's the programmer's bug. Well, yes, but you found it so now it's yours too.) Sales revolves around two fundamental objectives: motivate the buyer (make her WANT to fix the bug); and overcome objections (get past her excuses and reasons for not fixing the bug). This presentation shows you how. (This presentation is available in PowerPoint and PDF format. Please read the usage and licensing information that precedes the content.)

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Cem Kaner is Professor of Computer Sciences at Florida Tech. He is senior author of three books, Lessons Learned in Software TestingBad Software, and Testing Computer Software. He's also an attorney (a former prosecutor) whose idea of a good time is holding companies accountable for releasing defective software. Work towards this article was supported by the National Science Foundation grant EIA-0113539 and by Rational Software.

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