CM Roles, Responsibilities, Skills, and Job Descriptions


builds, items needed from databases, configuration instructions) and the tasks of preparing the preliminary release notes, and migrating the release to test and staging areas.

Install the release
This includes the responsibility of taking the release package and installing it into the production environment (onto a production server or onto production media).This will include validating the release once in production with appropriate smoke tests (ability to install, run, and execute minimal functional tests).This may include preparing the final release notes and notification of release completion.

Aligning CM Responsibilities to CM Roles
With an understanding of the key CM responsibilities in the development-to-production slice of the project lifecycle, we can look at what are the common CM titles or roles that we see in the workplace. Typically, we see roles like CM tool administrator (e.g., ClearCase administrator, AccuRev administrator, etc.), build engineer, release engineer, etc. How would they align with the responsibilities mentioned above? Below is a “CM Roles to Responsibilities Matrix” that provides a simplistic perspective on how certain CM roles would align with the responsibilities mentioned above.

Figure 1: CM Roles to Responsibilities Matrix

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