Coaching is Key for Scrum Success – Part One of Two


Scrum coaches are experienced. They have “been there, done that” and tends to write about or offers presentations about it. They are an active member of the Scrum community where they both learn from others and share their own experiences.

2) Good Scrum coaches are knowledgeable. They have a breadth and depth in both the tools and techniques they have learned and have a proven track record that demonstrates continuous improvements in their own skills such as learning new techniques or disciplines on a regular basis.

3) Good Scrum coaches are enthusiastic. They enjoy coaching, teaching, mentoring and helping teams achieve success. They love and believe in Scrum.

4) Good Scrum coaches are collaborative. They like to work with teams instead of dictating pat answers. They know how to build the team’s collaborative ability.

5) Good Scrum coaches are communicative. They tend to listen first and ask more questions rather than making immediate statements or decisions.

6) Good Scrum coaches are responsible. They take responsibility for educating and mentoring clients on processes.

7) Good Scrum coaches are organized. They can prioritize both their own work and assist in prioritizing the team’s work, taking into account risk, effort, and dependencies. They are also able to prioritize process improvements and work with clients to get the most improvement for the least cost.

8) Good Scrum coaches are inspirational. They are able to inspire teams and individuals to rise to the occasion and try new things. They celebrate both successes and the small failures that prevent bigger failures at the end of a project.

9) Good Scrum coaches are respectful. They respect the team and the individuals and never lose sight of the fact that these are intelligent people who are striving to do the best job they possibly can, despite any obstacles.

10) Good Scrum coaches are open. They are transparent and upfront about not just what to do but why. They are open to criticism and constructive feedback and willing to listen to other ideas and give those ideas due consideration. They are willing to try something and fail and be transparent about what might not have worked so everyone can learn and move forward.

11) Good Scrum coaches help the organization find its own best answers to its own problems to create sustainable changes.

Part Two will cover “Problems solved by Scrum Coaches” and “Instead of just any Scrum coach, consider hiring a Certified Scrum Coach”

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