Do Your CM/ALM Tools Help Secure Your Development Assets?


the more that you can automate, the better off the solution will be: more reliable, less error prone, and easier to administer.

At What Cost?
The Department of Defense seems to have deep pockets when it comes to securing development assets. What about for the rest of us? What can we hope to afford? The last few years have pushed security features from the top dollar optional feature classification into the commodity capability arena. That means you should start looking for these features in the CM/ALM tools that you will use. They should not be expensive add-ons. They should not be limited to the high-priced tools. They should just be there, and the CM industry is rapidly evolving along these lines, even if a premium is demanded today.

In the end, securing your development assets requires that you use appropriate tools and investigate their architectures sufficiently prior to purchasing them. I've presented a number of capabilities and requirements here. There are many more I've neglected, some of which I'm unaware.

There's one more development asset that's important - your team. Providing tools, processes and automation that keep your staff productive and enable them to continue learning will help you to keep your most valuable of development assets. Perhaps this is a topic for a future article.

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Joe Farah is the President and CEO of Neuma Technology and is a regular contributor to the CM Journal. Prior to co-founding Neuma in 1990 and directing the development of CM+, Joe was Director of Software Architecture and Technology at Mitel, and in the 1970s a Development Manager at Nortel (Bell-Northern Research) where he developed the Program Library System (PLS) still heavily in use by Nortel's largest projects. A software developer since the late 1960s, Joe holds a B.A.Sc. degree in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto. You can contact Joe at

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