Driving Enterprise Agility from the Program Management Office


transition was led by the PMO, who quickly adopted standard work and visual controls as pilots extended across different IT areas and business units. Using a repeatable pilot readiness assessment followed by focused boot-camp training, consistency was maintained and learning from each pilot was used to continuously improve the practices in each of the three enterprise areas. Although Lean-Agile teams are self-managing and self-improving, having a group like the PMO focused on the whole enterprise and able to coach the teams and managers proved to be very beneficial in this transition.

About the Author
Kelley Horton is Director of the Corporate IT Program Management Office for the Premier Inc. healthcare alliance ( www.premierinc.com). She has program management and process improvement expertise with over 15 years of experience in creating and leading Program/Project Management offices for product and application development organizations as well as implementing and improving Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes.

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