e-Talk Radio: Derby, Esther, 4 January 2001


delivery up there in Minnesota, and obviously the mail carriers don't mind the cold.

Esther Derby: They wear a lot of layers.

Carol Dekkers: Do they get paid cold pay or anything like that?

Esther Derby: I don't think they get hazard pay. I think it's viewed as a feature that they get to be in this cold icebox where they'll be preserved longer.

Carol Dekkers: That's an interesting way of putting it, that everyone in Minneapolis looks much younger then they actually are, because you're so much better preserved. Well, it's been a very enjoyable hour, I'd like to say thank you again, I wish you all the best with STQE magazine and with StickyMinds.com. I think you're doing a very admirable job and the article that you wrote in particular, on Modeling Organizational...what was it called? Modeling...

Esther Derby: Modeling Organizational Change.

Carol Dekkers: Change...I think that's a very good read for anybody that has an extra couple of minutes, it's a very worthwhile thing to take a look at.

Esther Derby: Well, thank you for your kind words and thank you very much for having me.

Carol Dekkers: I appreciate it and to our listeners, I hope you have a great testing and quality week. I hope that all of your developing projects get back on track and you have a wonderful week. We'll talk to you again next week, January 11, from noon to one eastern standard time, eleven to twelve central time and ten to eleven mountain standard time. Have a great week, over and out with Carol Dekkers.

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About the author

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby

A regular StickyMinds.com and Better Software magazine contributor, Esther Derby is one of the rare breed of consultants who blends the technical issues and managerial issues with the people-side issues. She is well known for helping teams grow to new levels of productivity. Project retrospectives and project assessments are two of Esther's key practices that serve as effective tools to start a team's transformation. Recognized as one of the world's leaders in retrospective facilitation, she often receives requests asking her to work with struggling teams. Esther is one of the founders of the AYE Conference. She co-author of Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great. She has presented at STAREAST, STARWEST and the Better Software Conference & EXPO. You can read more of Esther's musings on the wonderful world of software at www.estherderby.com and on her weblog at www.estherderby.com/weblog/blogger.html. Her email is derby@estherderby.com.

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