e-Talk Radio: Derby, Esther, 4 January 2001


I've intentionally done so, but I've kind of sugar coated it saying, explaining it in a very gentle way, but I think I've done it enough that I've kind of made myself a hazard, you know what I'm saying? And that's okay, I'll accept the ramifications because if it's time to leave it's time to leave. I will not allow that to affect my ego or my self-esteem because it can, you know, when you get, I want to say retaliated against for speaking up and speaking the truth. Another book I think is interesting is "The Emotional IQ" or "EQ" I think you call it, the fact that that is almost more important than the intelligence IQ...

Esther Derby: I was just reading Daniel Goldman's book on emotional intelligence. That's been one of the findings he's reported, that good grades are not...

Caller: right...

Esther Derby: the most important determinant of success,

Caller: right, and the way you say it...

Esther Derby: for the ability to navigate human relationships.

Caller: Our education does say it's a personal endeavor, I want to be an A+ student and I'll run over whoever I have too, or not help anyone so I can get that A+, and that's not the way the game is played anymore in this so-called new economy...

Carol Dekkers: And I think the other thing that happens is, if you've been taught that, if you've strived for, as your entire life...

Caller: exactly…

Carol Dekkers: You've got the As and you see people that are networking their way to the top with no intellectual skills, there's a lot of jealousy that...

Caller: Oh, I agree, and old dogs can be taught new tricks, because I'm an older dog, I'm 55, and I've had to reinvent myself several times to be content in the workplace.

Carol Dekkers: We need to go quickly into a break, but we'll be back with more of Quality Plus E-Talk, Esther Derby, and our caller right after these messages.

Announcer: Quality Plus E-Talk is back. Now here's Carol Dekkers.

Carol Dekkers: Welcome back to Quality Plus E-Talk. I've been talking to Esther Derby for the last 40-45 minutes about some of the issues she's found in the STQE magazine and in the software testing and requirements engineering area. And we have another caller that I'd like to bring on, and welcome Pablo.

Caller: Thanks.

Carol Dekkers: Do you have some comments you'd like to make?

Caller: Yes, actually Esther, I know you have written before, I remember an article a couple of years ago about modeling organizational change.

Esther Derby: Yeah.

Caller: You were talking about when an organization is releasing products with a lot of bugs, there's a few ways to deal with that and you were talking about finding the corrective action that is least painful, least disruptive I guess, and with a shortage of the personnel, I know a lot of overtime and effort to add more testers--that's one solution--but you talked about another way to deal with that. Could you talk a little more about that?

Esther Derby: Right. In that particular article we were looking at a case where there were a lot of defects being released and two of the solutions that people often take are to either add more testers or, you know say we have to do overtime so we can get all the bugs out of this, which then only has the opposite effect and people get burned out and they don't do their best work and people get sick and you know it kind

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A regular StickyMinds.com and Better Software magazine contributor, Esther Derby is one of the rare breed of consultants who blends the technical issues and managerial issues with the people-side issues. She is well known for helping teams grow to new levels of productivity. Project retrospectives and project assessments are two of Esther's key practices that serve as effective tools to start a team's transformation. Recognized as one of the world's leaders in retrospective facilitation, she often receives requests asking her to work with struggling teams. Esther is one of the founders of the AYE Conference. She co-author of Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great. She has presented at STAREAST, STARWEST and the Better Software Conference & EXPO. You can read more of Esther's musings on the wonderful world of software at www.estherderby.com and on her weblog at www.estherderby.com/weblog/blogger.html. Her email is derby@estherderby.com.

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