e-Talk Radio: Paulk, Mark, 28 November 2000


And, Mark, would you like to say a final sendoff, five seconds. What would you like to leave our audience with?

Mark: Well the bottom line is to always examine what you're doing and try to do it better. As long as you do that, you should work out okay.

Carol: And that's a great sendoff and final words from our guest. And I'd like to say goodnight to everyone that's listening. And for more Quality Plus! E-talk next week, please join us with Kent Beck. And we're out, have a great week.

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Carol Dekkers's picture Carol Dekkers

Carol A. Dekkers is President of Quality Plus Technologies, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in creating peace of mind for companies who want to improve their software processes. Software measurement, software quality, process improvement, requirements, and software sizing (using function point analysis, as an example) are a few of the Quality Plus areas of specialization.

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