e-Talk Radio: Rubin, Howard, 18 January 2001


at the highest levels of the major mergers and new business structures that are taking shape, the AOL/Time-Warner, even the Chase/JP Morgan, Glaxo-Wellcome, is that IT now has to restructure itself as the central part of the business. We start to see that IT organizations need to focus on the real business measures, the mean time to merge, the mean time to acquire. It's your challenge to build a new IT mothership.

Dekkers: And this is exciting, because everything you've said is positive for IT. There's been no pessimism and I think that's very exciting. I'd like to thank Howard Rubin and I'd like to thank our listening audience, everyone who's out there. I hope you'll join us next week. If you'd like free articles, any information, or send me email, you can go on our Web site which is www.qualityplustech.com and you can get free articles, you can send us email and find out more about what Quality Plus does. Until next week I'd like to say have a wonderful week, a wonderful quality week, and we'll talk to you next week for Test Management 101 with Johanna Rothman. Over and out, this is Carol Dekkers with Quality Plus E-Talk. Thank you for listening.

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