An Enterprise Agile Journey

Borland's Case Study in Enterprise Transformation

you actually getting the benefits you anticipated), evaluate which projects are good candidates for Agile, identify areas that have room for improvement, and ensure the quality of output.


  • 100% increase in number of product releases per year
  • Greatly improved relationships with strategic customers, who have participated in over 50 sprint reviews
  • Reduced administrative and planning overhead by an average of 15 hours per sprint
  • Eliminated 6 days a month of vice president and director time spent reporting—per product group
  • Increased product quality, reducing issues from release to release by 50%
  • Increased team productivity and employee retention through enhanced morale

About the Author

Chuck Maples is the Vice President of Product Development for Borland. He is a 25 year veteran of the software industry and has held a variety of executive positions with such companies as BMC Software, IBM Tivoli, Dell and Vignette Software. He has extensive experience in enterprise software development, and managing internationally distributed teams. Chuck is currently responsible for overseeing the delivery of both the Borland Management Suite and the Borland Silk line of quality management products. Chuck has been involved in the Agile transformation at Borland since its onset.

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