Enterprise Change Management in Agile Software Development

  1. engagement and underlined their role as collaborative partners in the change process.
  2. Using a Visual Thinking Process to Understand Perspective of Software Users . The development of a new mobile application required that a large health care organization look at its clients from a new perspective. Although they had existing market segmentation research, the mobile initiative required a fresh look at their audience. We used a visual thinking process to create detailed personas that brought the end-user’s emotional, social and physical environment to life. The resulting images and storyboards provided the foundation for a shared vision for the Agile team and corporate marketing organization.

ECM coupled with Agile software development can fundamentally change the way the IT and business sides of an organization work together by building a heightened level of trust and providing visibility of successful collaboration and IT delivery. Tying these processes together can help an organization maximize its chances of IT delivery success. 

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Dr. Myles Bogner is the Vice President of Research and Development for Asynchrony Solutions, Inc., an information technology software and project-based consulting firm. He is an advocate and practitioner of Agile processes and continually guides teams to apply Agile techniques. He leverages enterprise change management to help both Government and commercial clients implement enterprise and service-oriented architecture, software engineering, infrastructure, and business process management practices that allow these organizations to capitalize on and react to an ever-changing business environment. He is a long-time fan of both Kirk and Spock. He can be reached at dr.myles.bogner@asolutions.com.

About the author

David  Elfanbaum's picture David Elfanbaum

David Elfanbaum is cofounder of Asynchrony Solutions and has recently ditched his formal title, “Vice President of Marketing” in favor of the superhero moniker, “Geek Interpreter Guy.” David can be reached at dave.elfanbaum@asolutions.com.

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