Establishing Traceability of Software Test Coverage Using MS-Excel

A Simple Approach
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Confidence in test coverage comes with traceability of test artifacts to requirements. Traceability also provides the capability of regression test selection for interim (and final) software releases. While there are sophisticated tools that provide these capabilities, this article outlines a simple creation, analysis and reporting capability for traceability using MS-Excel and MS-Query. MS-Query comes standard with the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

About the author

Venkat Moncompu's picture Venkat Moncompu

Venkataraman "Venkat" Moncompu is a Test Manager at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Having a Master's degree in Engineering, he has over 15 years of IT industry experience. He has worked in various capacities as a Developer, Solution Designer, Business Analyst, Project Testing Coordinator and Project Manager.

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