Events to the Rescue


application. They work for projects of any size, whether complex or simple, risk driven or change driven. They are useful for planning new development, building enhancements, and evaluating off-the-shelf software.

Events helped rescue Project Pluto from a painful situation. But it's so much better to avoid the pain in the first place. To set the stage for success, start your project with event modeling.

My thanks go to Susan Burk, Ellen Gottesdiener, and Karl Wiegers for their helpful review of this column.

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Mary Gorman, CBAP, CSM, and VP of quality and delivery at EBG Consulting, helps business and technical teams collaborate to deliver products your customers value and need. Mary works with global clients, speaks at industry conferences, and writes on requirements topics for the business analysis community. She is currently co-authoring a book with Ellen Gottesdiener on essential agile requirements practices.

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