The Events That Will Help Shape the Future of Configuration Management


In his CM: the Next Generation series, Joe Farah gives us a glimpse into the trends that CM experts will need to tackle and master based upon industry trends and future technology challenges.

Whatever makes life easier will be an important consideration. Each user role will have their own impressions, so vendors will have to evaluate their offerings to ensure that they address each role in the ALM function.

2009: A Turning Point
If IT infrastructure budgets are significant, it may be a significant turning point for CM/ALM tool and process infrastructure. This is an opportunity to which both vendors and consultants must be ready to respond. A crisis is a point of change, so expect to see a lot of it this year.

However, I've been around long enough to know that I shouldn't expect a lot of motion in the industry in a single year, but the current times do set the table for significant change, driven by competitive and financial requirements of the corporate world. Still, I'd be happy to see the shift to 3rd Generation CM platforms take place over the next 2 or 3 years. If 2009 serves only to get CM managers to look around at their options that will be a major advance. If they don't, they may find their trimmed budgets are unable to cope with their existing tools and processes.

About the author

Joe Farah's picture Joe Farah

Joe Farah is the President and CEO of Neuma Technology and is a regular contributor to the CM Journal. Prior to co-founding Neuma in 1990 and directing the development of CM+, Joe was Director of Software Architecture and Technology at Mitel, and in the 1970s a Development Manager at Nortel (Bell-Northern Research) where he developed the Program Library System (PLS) still heavily in use by Nortel's largest projects. A software developer since the late 1960s, Joe holds a B.A.Sc. degree in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto. You can contact Joe at

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