The Goldilocks Parable: How Much Process Is Just Right


Processes do not substitute for training or else you'll have a 500-pound process document.

An expert may not need detailed subject matter training, but still needs to learn how the process is applied in the organization to ensure consistent execution.

A Final Thought
The observant reader will note I've used a fair number of conditionals as there is no one right way to do this. A fair degree of common sense is needed to be sure you match the breadth and depth of your processes to the business needs of the organization.

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Ed Weller is an SEI certified High Maturity Appraiser for CMMI® appraisals, with nearly forty years of experience in hardware and software engineering. Ed is the principal of Integrated Productivity Solutions, a consulting firm that is focused on providing solutions to companies seeking to improve their development productivity. Ed is a regular columnist on and can be contacted at

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