Helpful Hints for Interviewing Experienced QA/Testing Candidates


out whether the candidates understand what a data driven test script is, how to create a parameterized test script, and why it would be necessary to construct a data driven script. The test manager should also ask the candidates to explain what data correlation is, how to create a driver script, how to synchronize scripts, why it is necessary to synchronize scripts, and how to report the execution results from a test script. Other key questions would be techniques for identifying and verifying recorded objects including providing examples of object's attributes that can be verified, how to create checkpoints, how to debug an automated test script, and in what modes a recorded script can be re-played. The candidate should also know how to map and learn custom objects that the recording test tool does not identify or recognize.

The test manager can present more technical questions based on the nuances of the recording test tool that is present at the project site. The main objective of technical questions is to ensure that a candidate has experience that goes beyond merely recording and playing back scripts.

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Jose Fajardo (PMP, M.S., and SAP certified) has worked as a test manager for various companies utilizing automated testing tools. He has written and published numerous articles on testing SAP and authored the book titled Testing SAP R/3: A Manager's Step by Step Guide. Throughout his career Jose has helped to create testing standards and test plans, mentor junior programmers, audit testing results, implement automated testing strategies, and managed test teams. Jose can be contacted at

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