Improved Web Testing

How Can Coverage and Reliability of Web Quality Management Be Enhanced...Cost-Effectively?

elements, legal disclaimers, 508 accessibility requirements, contact information and on… and on ….

Automated WQM solutions will verify these elements, test transaction processes and forms, notify stakeholders if prices stray outside of the acceptable range, and even handle the latest Web technologies, such as Web services. WQM can do it quicker and more reliably than a human tester. An automated solution will check the consistency and layout of every page, never stopping. In the time that it would take a manual tester to complete a review of a site, it will likely have changed several times, leaving it vulnerable to quality issues that subsequently erode customer confidence.

The ROI can be quickly realized when you consider the ongoing, annual cost of maintaining a manual testing staff, or worse, not testing at all. The investment in a WQM solution often achieves payback within the first six months of implementation. Some consideration should also be given to the impact of a Web site that fails to complete transactions, breaches legal standards, or damages the public's perception of an organization. Of course the ROI numbers largely depend on the total cost of the solution and, like anything you buy, not all solutions are created equal. Buyers need to look carefully at the product's capabilities, scalability, and licensing program.

In summary, automated WQM solutions provide a deep pocket of benefits to those operating in the dynamic Web-enabled world. Most Web teams operate in a demanding environment that features budget squeezes, higher quality expectations, shorter publishing deadlines, and an increasing number of content authors. Empowering your Web team with an automated WQM solution will improve their speed, coverage, and reliability. It will provide a rapid ROI for your organization. Automation is simply the best way to effectively and efficiently manage Web quality.

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