Interpreter Pattern for User-Defined Scenario

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An Interpreter Pattern can be used to parse the user-defined language. This pattern is used mainly to strengthen code reusability, maintainability and flexibility. Pattern describes how to define a grammar for simple language, how to represent sentences in the language and how to interpret these sentences. The Interpreter pattern makes grammar easy to implement and extend. Adding new interpreters to a grammar is simple. On the other hand Interpreter Pattern should not be used when the grammar is complex and when efficiency is a concern

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Mr. Ashish Srivastava received his MCA degree from M.N.R.E.C, Allahabad, India and is working at Wipro Technologies, Bangalore, India. He is a Sun Certified Java programmer, currently working in EAI integration tool "TIBCO". Five and a half years of experience in various phase of SDLC, like RS, FD, and DD etc. Worked extensively in JAVA, Rational Rose, C, VC, C++, Shell Scripting under UNIX environment, MS SQL, Crystal Reports, tools like VSS (Visual Source Safe). He has been working in Java technology since 2002. He possess good experience in development of distributed architecture solutions. He is capable to work efficiently and effectively under stress, high pressure and tight deadlines. He is a person with a positive outlook to life. He is a highly committed human being. He can be reached at

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