A Journey into Agile - Scrum Implementation at a Mature Organization - Part 2


candidate selection. These are:

1. Buy-in from both engineering and business partners. Increased flexibility on requirements management must be coupled with ready, hands-on participation between the two teams.

2. A dedicated Product Owner. This role must be filled by a knowledgeable domain expert, able to dedicate the time needed to consolidate requirements from various stakeholders in order to arrive at a comprehensive, prioritized product backlog.

3. Commitment to automated unit testing and regression testing. The Scrum team, including both developers and testers, must commit to automation strategy to ensure high quality standards for sprint deliverables.

4. Team co-location. This is the strong preference, though it could be relaxed to require co-location between the Product Owner and most of the team members.

5. Small team size. It is judged that the team size often reflects the complexity of the project, and a team size of 10 or less is strongly recommended.

In preparation for the future projects' adoption of Scrum methodology, training is provided, specifically for Agile and Scrum Methodology, and Developer Testing Fundamentals. A Scrum coach should be engaged to lead the new project teams through the adoption, with participation decreasing as the team matures.

We aim to slowly broaden the Scrum experience at the Technology Center with carefully selected projects. This growth will be tended with appropriate process and training support to ensure successful adoption of a more agile software development methodology.

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Anh Kuhn de Chizelle is the Software Metier Manager for Schlumberger Information Solutions, Houston Technology Center. She has been with Schlumberger for over 14 years, and has had assignments in engineering, research and operations in the USA, England, France, United Arab Emirates and Russia. She is currently focusing on software practices, and plans to adopt Scrum to a number of projects at the Houston Technology Center.

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