Load, Stress, and Performance Testing with OpenSTA

Taming the Microsoft .NET ViewState with SCL
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OpenSTA is a free, open source, HTTP/S load, stress, and performance testing tool with features rivaling many commercial load-testing tools. When load testing Microsoft .NET applications with OpenSTA, one of the first issues that the script developer encounters is managing the ViewState parameter. This article details a solution for capturing and replaying with the .NET ViewState parameter using OpenSTA. It also discusses practical performance tuning issues associated with .NET and using "ViewState."

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Antony Marcano has fourteen years of experience as a tester and developer, the last nine of which have been primarily on agile projects. Now, as an independent coach and consultant, he helps teams realize the benefits associated with agile software development. Antony, a former Better Software magazine technical editor, is also creator and curator of the popular Web site testingReflections.com and co-creator of PairWith.Us, a live, interactive pair-programming Webcast. Antony is referenced in several books on agile practices and is a regular guest lecturer on test-driven development and acceptance test-driven development at Oxford University. Contact him at antony.marcano@testing, Reflections.com or follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/AntonyMarcano.

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