Moving Beyond Configuration Management to Application Lifecycle Management


In his CM: the Next Generation series, Joe Farah gives us a glimpse into the trends that CM experts will need to tackle and master based upon industry trends and future technology challenges.

can accommodate your process without a lot of u- front costs. 3rd and 4th generation solutions should eliminate most administration while drastically improving functionality and ease-of-use.

I'm glad the rescue team stayed their course, in spite of criticism early on. Drilling bore holes instead of rescue tunnels. Involving NASA. Using advanced technology. Doing things right. In the end, the miners were out in 2 months, 50 percent ahead of schedule! Look beyond CM and you'll see improvements in your engineering team capabilities, but also, and perhaps more importantly, in getting the product out the door.

About the author

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Joe Farah is the President and CEO of Neuma Technology and is a regular contributor to the CM Journal. Prior to co-founding Neuma in 1990 and directing the development of CM+, Joe was Director of Software Architecture and Technology at Mitel, and in the 1970s a Development Manager at Nortel (Bell-Northern Research) where he developed the Program Library System (PLS) still heavily in use by Nortel's largest projects. A software developer since the late 1960s, Joe holds a B.A.Sc. degree in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto. You can contact Joe at

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