Philosophical Questions for the Software Tester



·                     Why are there bugs?

·                     Why doesn't everything work right the first time, all the time?

·                     What was the first defect ever created in the history of the world?

·                     What was the first defect you personally created?

·                     What was the first defect you ever found?

·                     What can we learn from defects?

·                     Are defects always bad?

·                     Bad occurrences sometimes have good outcomes, such as  when things are "a blessing in  disguise." Could there ever be a positive outcome from not finding a bug?

·                     If so, under what condition would not finding a bug constitute a good thing?

·                     Could we say that all missed bugs are blessings in disguise?

·                     If so, then should the goal of testing be to miss as many bugs as possible, to get the most blessing? (obviously not)

·                     What are accidents?

·                     What causes them?

·                     How can they be avoided?

·                     Should they be avoided?


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