Philosophical Questions for the Software Tester


Existence of Defects

·                     Do bugs exist if they are not found?

·                     Do bugs exist if they are not reproducible?

·                     How much effort is necessary to reproduce a bug?

·                     How much effort is necessary to prove that a bug exists, was fixed, or is still open?

Goal of Testing

·                     What are the similarities and differences between the concepts of "comparing" and "contrasting"?

·                     Do we compare expected results with actual, or do we contrast them?

·                     If we compare, then the goal of testing is to verify that software works. If we contrast, then the goal is to prove that it doesn't. Is there a practical difference?

·                     What is the real purpose of testing?

·                     Who does it ultimately benefit?

·                     How does testing software benefit humanity/society?

·                     Is there ever a benefit to humanity by releasing defective software?


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