Philosophical Questions for the Software Tester


Improving Tester Quality

·                     What is skill? What is talent?

·                     Why are some testers better than others at finding bugs?

·                     What happens to a tester biologically/mentally/(spiritually?) when he is totally focused and completely concentrating on the application that he's testing?

·                     Can that be replicated?

·                     Can that be measured?

·                     Can it be taught?

·                     Can it be invoked at will?

·                     Is there anything predictable behind it, or does it just happen?

·                     Can you get "psyched up" to find bugs, like athletes do before events? How?

·                     Is there a way to mentally prepare for testing software?

·                     Can you use visualization techniques to become a successful bug finder?

·                     Can people's emotional state at a given time contribute to defective software?

·                     What nontechnical elements-emotions, beliefs, psychology, timing, stress, anxiety, depression, substance abuse-can contribute to defective software?

·                     What makes you notice bugs?

·                     What makes some people notice bugs and other people not notice them?


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