Principles of Agile Version Control: From Object-oriented Design to Project-oriented Branching


6) Flexible Configuration Management for a Component-based Software Asset Repository; by Tom Brett; BCS CMSG event: Why Software Asset Management and Configuration Management is essential, March 2004 (also see accompanying presentation)

7) The Timesafe Property: A Formal Statement of Immutability in CM; by Damon Poole Wingerd; submitted to the 8th International Symposium on System Configuration Management (SCM-8) in Brussels, Belgium, July 1998.

8) "The Flow of Change"; by Laura Wingerd; presented at SD West 2005 and the 2005 Perforce User's Conference.

9) Configuration Management Principles and Practice; by Anne Mette Hass; Addison-Wesley, December 2002. Chapter 1, "What is Configuration Management?" (available online)

10) Streamed Lines: Branching Patterns for Parallel Software Development; by Brad Appleton, Steve Berczuk et. al.; Proceedings of the 1998 Workshop on Pattern Languages of Program Design.

11) High-level Best Practices in Software Configuration Management; by Laura Wingerd, Chris Seiwald; Proceedings of the Eighth International Workshop on 12) 12) Software Configuration Management (I-SCM8), Brussels, July 1998; (also presented at the 1998 Perforce User's Conference, June 1998)

13) Practical Perforce: Channeling the Flow of Change in Software Development Collaboration; by Laura Wingerd; O'Reilly & Associates, 2005. Chapter 7, "How Software Evolves" (available online)


About the author

Brad Appleton's picture Brad Appleton

Brad Appleton is a software CM/ALM solution architect and lean/agile development champion at a large telecommunications company. Currently he helps projects and teams adopt and apply lean/agile development and CM/ALM practices and tools. He is coauthor of the book Software Configuration Management Patterns, a columnist for the CMCrossroads and AgileConnection communities at,  and a former section editor for The C++ Report. You can read Brad's blog at

About the author

Robert Cowham's picture Robert Cowham

Robert Cowham has long been interested in software configuration management while retaining the attitude of a generalist with experience and skills in many aspects of software development. A regular presenter at conferences, he authored the Agile SCM column within the CM Journal together with Brad Appleton and Steve Berczuk. His day job is as Services Director for Square Mile Systems whose main focus is on skills and techniques for infrastructure configuration management and DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) - applying configuration management principles to hardware documentation and implementation as well as mapping ITIL services to the underlying layers.

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