Project Priorities and Funding: Dont Go Halfway to the Moon


that could be cut to deliver some of the project’s value if resource reductions were necessary, or is your project essentially an “all or nothing” commitment whose value would plummet disproportionately if the investment were reduced? Have the resource characteristics of your project been discussed with your project’s sponsors and team? There are no “right” answers, but if you want to support informed decisions about your project, these are important questions.

At a tactical level, these thoughts can help prioritize the functionality to be built in a particular sprint or project phase. Are you front-loading essential functionality so that future resource constraints are less likely to kill your project?

Some readers may wonder whether they care about this stuff. After all, some of you are developers, team leaders, and testers, not project managers or executives. I would encourage you to consider that this information about your project is an important aspect of project definition if you aspire to management and critical information about your projects for your managers and sponsoring executives if they are going to make sound management decisions.

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