Removing Requirement Defects and Automating Test


This paper was presented at the STAREAST 2001 conference. It is offered here unedited, in its original format.

Organizations face many problems that impede rapid development of software systems critical to their operations and growth. This paper discusses model-based development and test automation methods that reduce the time and resources necessary to develop high quality systems. The focus is how organizations have implemented this approach of model-based verification to reduce requirements defects, manual test development effort, and development rework to achieve significant cost and schedule savings.

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About the author

Mark Blackburn's picture Mark Blackburn

Dr. Mark Blackburn is a Software Productivity Consortium Fellow and co-inventor of the T-VEC system. He has twenty years of software systems engineering experience in development, management and applied research of process, methods and tools. He spends most of his time helping companies adopt model-based testing. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and symposia, authored more than 70 papers, and is actively involved in consulting, strategic planning, proposal and business development, as well as developing and applying methods for model-based approaches to support requirement defect removal and test automation. He earned a BS in Mathematics from Arizona State, MS in Mathematics from Florida Atlantic University, and a Ph.D. in Information Technology from George Mason University.

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