Simple Word Substitution to Increase Your Reliability and Professionalism

Changing our speach pattern to change the project outcome
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We may try to fool ourselves into softening our time commitments in hopes that others will be unable to "hold us to them." But relying on ambiguous and vague words to mask delays is self-sabotaging. We may not even realize that we are doing this. It may have become our default mode or habit of speech. The simple fact is that when we speak in doubtful terms, we invite subterfuge, confusion, dissatisfaction and distrust. It may be hard to imagine that a few simple word substitutions can exponentially enhance our reliability and professionalism. In this article, Laura Rose doesn't suggest we spend more time talking and less time listening or that we use ten words when five would do. She suggests we simply avoid ambiguous and vague terms.

About the author

Laura Rose's picture Laura Rose

Laura Rose has been in the software and testing industry for over 20 years. She's worked with such companies as IBM, Ericsson, Staples, Fidelity Investments and Sogeti in various client advocacy and project management roles. The techniques she uses in her business coaching and client advocacy work saved these companies both time and money, which resulted in on-time, quality product delivery with higher client satisfaction. Laura now uses her client focus, project, quality and people management skills in her personal life coaching career. As a certified coach, she helps people integrate their goals and dreams into their everyday lives. Laura uses creative and practical tools to help her clients realize what really matters to them. They then follow-through with project and time management techniques to create the reality they really want.

Laura authors many articles and workshops on time management and strategic scheduling. She is also the founder of the electronic magazine the Rose Garden: the Art of Becoming. Laura offers one-on-one career and life coaching, small group coaching, seminars and workshops. You can learn more about her at and contact her at

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