Software Architecture Challenges and Significance in an Agile World


has more than 15 years of technology and program leadership to Enthiosys, where he is responsible for the firm's strategic Roadmapping practice. He is one of the first industry experts to implement and manage multi-project / multi-location agile program management, including the creation roadmaps-of-roadmaps for complex division-level planning.

Most recently, Peter was a senior manager at VeriSign, where he led that company's worldwide Engineering Project Management Initiative. This included leadership for cross-functional multinational project teams, and pioneering techniques for coordinating agile software development across many time zones. In this role, he defined and deployed agile methodologies that reduced development time by 30%. Peter was also head of VeriSign's Agilist Group.

Earlier, he was Director of Client Engagements at Telefónica Data in Miami, a division of the world's sixth largest telecom carrier, and was Chief Technology Officer for Access International (Cambridge, MA). He started his career in the UK, working on information systems at Sporting Index Holdings plc and Duckhams Oils, a subsidiary of BP Amoco.

Peter's repeated successes on the front lines of software development and corporate IT have earned him the admiration of his colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic. His advice and experience are frequently sought. As a mentor and instructor, he is helping train the current generation of agile product/program/development managers.

Peter earned a Post-Graduate Diploma (Master's Degree) in Information Technology from De Montford University (Leicester, UK) and a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Nottingham Trent University.


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