A Study of Myers-Briggs Types Relative to CM Professionals (2003)


To make this even more meaningful, consider that the general population has 7% INTJ and ENTJ types (from Chart 1 where INTJ = 1% and ENTJ = 6%). However, the CM professional population has 44% INTJ and ENTJ types. This is quite a dramatic difference. There is clearly some correlation between the type of work CM professionals perform and those who express NTJ preferences.

I would like to invite others to utilize or extend this study so that we can better understand the traits and needs of CM professionals. Lastly, I would like to extend a hugeThank You! to the 144 CM professionals who took the time out of their busy schedules to contribute their Myer Briggs types.


1. To read more on Isabel Briggs Myers, go to: http://www.capt.org/The_MBTI_Instrument/Isabel%20Myers.cfm

2. To read more on career and jobs that people may enjoy based on personality tendencies, go to: http://www.knowyourtype.com/career.html

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