A Study of Myers-Briggs Types Relative to CM Professionals (2003)


who have an INTJ type may reveal why those people may either gravitate or thrive in a CM role. The thinking (T) and judging (J) preferences tend to drive them toward constant improvement. They believe everything has room for improvement. Also, their intuition (N) tends to enable them to see the potential in the future and the introverted nature (I) allows them to focus on improvements. In the CM world, there is always something to improve and having the vision to see what “can be” provides those in the INTJ grouping the motivation to make that improvement. 

The data indicates another surprising number (24 or 17% of the total sample) of CM professionals who have an ENTJ personality type. Again, the thinking (T) and judging (J) preferences tend to drive them toward improvement. Also, their intuition (N) tends to enable them to see what can be. And their extroverted nature allows them to take control of the change due to their natural born leadership.

An interesting note is that even with 144 responses, not 1 CM professional had the personality type of ESFP. Beyond this, there was a good spread of types.

CM Professionals by Personality Type Compared to the General Population

The second measure illustrates how CM professionals are spread across the 16 Myers Briggs types (as a percentage) compared to the overall population. The distribution of the Myers Briggs types of the CM professional population does not align with the distribution of the Myers Briggs types of the overall population. Several significant differences can be seen.

According to these findings, the CM population has a tendency to have upwards of 28 times more INTJ types than the overall population (28% for CM professionals and 1% for overall population). Also ESFP and ESTP appear to be very uncommon in the CM population (0% and 1% respectively) compared to the overall population (13% and 13%, respectively).

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