A Study of Myers-Briggs Types Relative to CM Professionals (2003)


Note that the percentages of Myers Brigs types across the population vary from reference source to reference source. The percentages listed here are representative averages across the reference sources.

CM Professionals by Temperament and Compared to the General Population

More telling than the comparison of the population groups (overall vs. CM professionals) by Myer Briggs types, is the comparison of population by temperament (grouping of related types). Therefore, the third measure compares how CM professionals are spread across the 4 temperaments (as a percentage) in relation to the overall population.

There are a significant number of CM professionals expressing the NT or rational (and Mastermind) temperament (58% of CM professionals versus 8% of the overall population). Why might this be? In examining the traits of NT, the rational tends to value competence and intelligence, they strive to learn, grow and predict. They like to control their environment and have a tendency towards technology. Considering these traits and the trait needed to make a CM professional successful, it may be understandable why there are so many rationales within the CM field.

Inversely, very few CM professionals express the SP or artisan (and freelance) temperament in comparison to the overall population (3% of CM professionals vs. 40% overall). In examining the traits of SP, the artisan values freedom and spontaneity. They do not like constraints, are more impulsive, playful, and creative, and have a tendency toward the arts. Considering these traits and the traits favored to make a CM professional successful, it may be understandable why there are so few artisans within the CM field.

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