A Study of Myers-Briggs Types Relative to CM Professionals (2003)


The thinking (T) or feeling (F) preference-set again produced a meaningful difference. Seventy-two percent (or 103 of 144) of the CM professionals surveyed indicated the Thinking preference. This may imply that due to the relatively technical and procedural nature of CM work, the ability of making decisions using logic and objective reasoning attracts and keeps this type of person in the CM field.

The introvert (I) or extrovert (E) preference-set difference is not considered significant. Sixty-two percent (or 89 of 144) of the CM professionals surveyed exhibited a leaning toward the Introvert preference, although a fair number exhibited an outward extrovert preference. Since CM roles and responsibilities range from intensive focused technical tasks to external communication of plans and procedures, it may be appropriate to have a good balance of the two.

A conclusion drawn from the survey may indicate that if a person who has the individual preferences of introvert (I), intuition (N), thinking (T), judging (J) or more specifically the latter three preferences (NTJ) may be suited to work in the CM field based on this study.

To corroborate this, those CM professionals in this survey that indicated an INTJ accounted for 27% of the total responses. Combining this with those that have the ENTJ type (another 17%), then the NTJ grouping accounts for 44% of all responses. Given that these (INTJ and ENTJ) are only two of the sixteen possible types or 12.5% (of the 16 types), this is significant.

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Mario Moreira is a Columnist for the CM Journal, a writer for the Agile Journal, an Author, an Agile and CM expert for CA, and has worked in the CM field since 1986 and in the Agile field since 1998. He has experience with numerous CM technologies and processes and has implemented CM on over 150 applications/products, which include establishing global SCM infrastructures. He is a certified ScrumMaster in the Agile arena having implemented Scrum and XP practices. He holds an MA in Mass Communication with an emphasis on communication technologies. Mario also brings years of Project Management, Software Quality Assurance, Requirement Management, facilitation, and team building skills and experience. Mario is the author of a new book entitled “Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams” (via Wiley Publishing). It provides an Agile Primer and a CM Primer, and how to adapt CM practices for Agile Teams. Mario is also the author of the CM book entitled, “Software Configuration Management Implementation Roadmap.” It includes step-by-step guidance for implementing SCM at the organization, application, and project level with numerous examples. Also consider visiting Mario’s blog on CM for Agile and Agile adoption at http://cmforagile.blogspot.com/.

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