Testing in a Squeezed, Squeezed World

  • as possible.

There are no easy answers to the immovable deadline. As mentioned, sometimes its better for one’s reputation to politely decline an opportunity that seems like you will need to push many barrels up a hill. However in other cases, with some creative management you might get closer than you think to a quality delivery.

As mentioned, some of the ideas here may need to be tempered to your particular environment and/or application. Nearly always you will need to deploy combinations of them rather than the odd one here and there. Remember to keep setting and resetting expectations both upstream and downstream, no-ones like surprises.


About the author

Geoff Horne's picture Geoff Horne

Based in New Zealand, Geoff Horne has more than thirty years of experience in software development, sales and marketing, and project management. He founded and ran two testing companies which grew to enjoy an international clientele. In 1994, almost by accident, Geoff found himself involved in testing a complex fault management system that led to further testing assignments covering a wide range of applications and tools. Of late, he has focused on a few select clients running complex test projects in a program test management capacity. Geoff has written a variety of white papers on the subject of software testing and is a frequent speaker at testing conferences worldwide.

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