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There are two common methods used to test a web service: through a web page, or through a programming language. It is important to have an easy way to manually test a web service so that bugs can be verified as fixed and new testing ideas can be verified at the spur of the moment. This paper explains why web services are the perfect candidate for programmic or automated testing.

Many companies have embraced web services and are striving to have their systems interoperate both with different operating systems within their own walls and outside of their walls making it easier to work with strategic partners. How do we as engineers test those services before they are ever rolled out into production?

This paper will help you understand what a web service is, give you an example of how web services are being put to use, and determine how to approach testing a web service manually through a web page and with automation using different programming languages.

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Tom Arnold has been a part of software development in one form or another for the past twenty years. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Purdue University, Arnold moved from mainframe development to Microsoft Windows development solutions when he relocated to Seattle in 1990. Shrink-wrapped software product development became his passion, and in 1993 he helped found Software Testing Laboratories (later renamed to "ST Labs") with two other cofounders. The three of them--making a lot of mistakes and getting a lot of help along the way--grew it to more than 200 employees and six offices nationwide by late 1997. ST Labs was sold in 1998 to Data Dimensions, which was later purchased by LionBridge/Veritest. As an author of two successful software test automation books, with a programming and testing background, and a passion for running software development projects, Arnold finds his greatest satisfaction in working with development teams. His ability to manage, mentor, and dive into details with test engineers, programmers and writers alike, has kept his love of software development alive and well. Regarding working on software & hardware projects where he sees himself as one of the eventual end-users he says, "It's like helping to make my own toys. It just doesn't get any better than that." His current fascination is with all-things relating to the Microsoft .NET Framework: programming, testing & managing those projects.

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