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  • never unintentionally end up with a partially submitted unit of work. Each changelist number can subsequently be used to identify not only the files and revisions that were affected, but the state of any depot file at the moment the changelist was submitted.
  • File versions can be represented literally or symbolically. E.g., "foo.html#12" is literally the twelfth version of foo.html, whereas " foo.html@reviewed" is the foo.html version identified by the symbol "reviewed." Labels are typically used as symbols, but client workspace names and changelist numbers can be used as well. For example, if a web site workspace is named "website", then " foo.html@website" indicates the version of foo.html that is on the web site.
  • Perforce uses TCP/IP for communication between client and server (that is, it does not rely on NFS or any other file sharing system), and provides optional data compression for file transfer and depot storage.
  • Perforce supports clients on a wide range of platforms, including Macintosh, Windows 95/NT, Windows NT Alpha, IBM OS/2, IBM OS/390OE, Alpha VMS, VAX OpenVMS, and nearly all Unixes.

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